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IndyCar Series (7 Cheats)(40 Hits)
Credits: Code Master & StalkerX
1 Enable Code (Must Be On) FA7A006E 32B0A159
2 Idiot AI EA5983A5 98DA5BE1
2AB4CCE9 03E00008
2AB0CCE9 00000000
EA5983B8 98DA5BFC
2AB0CCE9 7FB00000
3 No Crowd 2A2B2114 00000000
4 Heavy Crowd 2A2B2114 40000000
5 Total Laps Modifier (000-1F4) 2AFB2026 00000???
6 Have All Bronze Trading Cards 2A0B15E2 FFFFFFFF
7 Have All Silver Trading Cards 2AF715E2 FFFFFFFF
8 Have All Gold Trading Cards 2AF315E2 FFFFFFFF